Meditation Retreat in Eco Luxury, Bali

Ubud, Bali

11th to 17th October 2015

Bali Meditation Retreats in luxury at Fivelements

Luxury Bali Meditation Retreats give you the opportunity to take time out of your everyday busy life and focus within. Whether you’re a total beginner or have been practicing meditation for quite some time, the Bali Usada Tapa Brata meditation retreats are a gift to the soul.

Fivelements is a wonderful location for these meditation retreats; it’s perfect for those who can afford a little luxury (you don’t have to stay in an ashram to learn to meditate!). Set on the banks of the magnificent Ayung river, against a tropical backdrop just outside Ubud in Bali, Fivelements is truly a sacred sanctuary. A bamboo eco-wonderland, the resort’s guiding philosophy follows the Balinese principle of Tri Hita Karana – living in harmony with  whatever we term ‘God’, human and nature. They have Balinese healers (their gifted practice handed down through generations) on staff who provide holistic healing treatments such as Chakra Balancing, Acupressure and Watsu water therapies.

Learning to meditate or deepening your current meditation practice at Fivelements with Bapak Merta Ada and his team, will give you a practical set of tools to use during your lifetime. Looking beyond the screen of thought or taming the monkey mind does not mean that you’re trying to be completely devoid of thought – this is an impossible challenge. Yet by controlling our thoughts, we are then able to train our minds to cultivate a harmonious mind to practice loving kindness; to ourselves, our families and the universe.

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From the luxury bamboo eco wonderland which awaits you to the ancient healing treatments, Fivelements is sacred wellness retreat for the soul. Located on the banks of the magnificent Ayung River, close to Ubud in Bali, all suites enjoy a lush tropical back with hypnotic sounds of the river below and cicadas above. It will be the first time that the Tapa Brata meditation retreats will take place here.

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Soul Facilitator

Mr Merta Ada was raised the hills of North Bali. He contracted polio as a child and his mother took him from healer to healer in search of a cure. While other children were playing martial arts, Merta Ada was sitting at the side of traditional healers. In 1993, after years of teachings and research in Balinese healing, he married his own personal experience as a gifted healer with his meditation practice and began Bali Usada meditation.



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What to Expect

Tapa Brata 1 is a 7 day, 6 night silent meditation retreat during which you will also refrain from reading or writing. This is actually the easy part and helps to focus the mind on learning or improving meditation. The first part of the retreat focuses on calming the mind by focusing on the breath. There are then guided meditations part by part through the body, esoteric exercises and periods of contemplation. Mid-course each student will receive a consultation with Bapak Merta Ada, who is also a gifted healer.


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Soul Food

It's important to nourish the body correctly during a meditation retreat. One of the highlights of Fivelements is the Living Cuisine menu. We know that integrating raw foods into our diets can lead to great energy and mental clarity. Eating in the Sakti Dining Room is an education in living foods and inspires you to learn how to offer yourself highly nutritive food. It also tastes delicious too!

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Who is it for

We can't stress enough what a wonderful gift you are giving yourself by participating in one of Pak Merta Ada's meditation retreats. It's like being given a box of meditation tools which help you to ride the storm of life's challenges. These health meditations allow you not only to calm the mind, but also release past emotional traumas and assist to alleviate many long terms health conditions. That pretty much covers everyone!