Mindfulness and Balance with Anup

Amankila, East Coast Bali

February 2015

Luxury Healing Retreats: Mindfulness and Stress Management

Enjoy Luxury Healing Retreats at Amankila Resort in Bali. We’re proud to team up with Amankila to present with first in a visiting practitioner series. Transformational Life Coach Mark Anup Karlsson with be in residence for the entire month of February 2015.

Mark Anup Karlsson is a leader in transformational healing, stress coaching and life transformation. He helps develop stress management skills, personal empowerment and helps people overcome relationship conflicts. Based in Thailand but travelling the world over and has a wide following.

Anup will hold some short introductory talks related to Wellness, Wellness Awareness, No More Stress as well as an insight into ‘the Four Keys a tailored workshop’ during his visit.

As Einstein said ” We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them”. Anup is skilled at working with his clients to see the issues and then guide them past their current challenges.

This session includes a full chakra ( energy centers ) balance using state of the art nano technology quantum chakra stones.The stones are engineered to hold the optimal vibration in each chakra. When placed on the body the vibration is then transmitted to each chakra bringing your system back into balance. The balancing last for about 20 minutes followed by a full body healing, designed to heal core issues in your system at the physical, emotional and mental level, resulting in a feeling of wholeness and a tremendous boost of energy.

Its a well known fact is that stress is one of the leading causes of heart disease, cancer and strokes. The good news is that there are very simple ways to overcome stress quickly. Anup tailors an easy to follow stress management program for you to bring more peace and balance into your life.

Held over two and a half hours, in this special personal talk, you will learn to go deep within yourself, look at thoughts and behavioral patterns that limit your understanding of yourself and find ways to propel yourself to freedom as well as finding your life purpose.

. A Sense of Peace
. Happiness
. Personal Empowerment
. Improved Health
. Emotional Stability

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Amankila or 'peaceful hill' is an oasis of calm in the traditional Balinese regency of Karangasem in East Bali.  The area offers a host of activities from mountain biking and diving, to cultural excursions to temples and ancient water palaces. Down below the resort, set back from the private beach in a coconut grove, is the Beach Club which offers anotherpool, as well as casual dining. The 34 stilted free-standing suites are tucked into the lush vegetation around the resort, and all boast outstanding sea views.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Amankila is barefoot chic at its best. The resort evokes a bohemian beachside luxury, where every whim is attended to in understated style. Each visiting practitioner will bring their own individual healing abilities and are careful selected by the very conscious team at Amankila. Inbetween life coaching sessions and personal work shops, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your traditional village surroundings and the resorts private beach. Its simply impossible to feel stressed!

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Mark (Anup) Karlsson is a Spiritual Coach and Teacher, Seminar Leader, International Speaker, and Personal Development Trainer. For those feeling overwhelmed with stress, Anup can tailor an easy to follow stress management program to bring more peace and balance into your life.

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Soul Food

At Amankila they do not use the word detox but encourage a gentle and mindful way of nourishing your body and soul. Should you wish to indulge in a beautiful glass of wine or the especially made spa chocolate – please do. All their menus are marked with (ME) for especially designed options or they can select a personal menu for your stay depending on your requirements. The choice is yours.

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Who is it for

Its for stressed out executives who simply can't 'switch off' and have a over riding feeling of being overwhelmed by it all.

Its for those who feels their life has become unbalanced or without direction. You may need a little guidance in defining what's really important to you and how to achieve that.

And of course its for those who love understated luxury and exemplary service!